Getting Started with Ibex

The Ibex repository contains all the RTL needed to simulate and synthesize an Ibex core. FuseSoC core files list the RTL files required to build Ibex (see ibex_core.core). The core itself is contained in the rtl/ directory, though it utilizes some primitives found in the vendor/lowrisc_ip/ directory. These primitives come from the OpenTitan project but are copied into the Ibex repository so the RTL has no external dependencies. You may wish to replace these primitives with your own and some are only required for specific configurations. See Primitives for more information.

There are several paths to follow depending on what you wish to accomplish:

  • See Examples for a basic simulation setup running the core in isolation and a simple FPGA system.

  • See Verification to begin working with the DV flow.

  • See Core Integration to integrate the Ibex core into your own design.

  • See RTL File List for information on how to get a complete RTL file listing to build Ibex for use outside of FuseSoC based flows.